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In Global Perspective
Offer you A broad range Of Innovative And Cost-effective solutions
Our Assurance and Business Advisory Services are delivered by experts with dedicated industry expertise
In KAP Pieter, Uways & Rekan and the global practice, we provides a broad range of Assurance and Business Advisory Services which fulfil four core business needs:
We conduct audits and provide assurance to clients on the financial performance and operations of their business.         
We help businesses to manage the totality of their business risks and thereby improve clients' financial performance.
We provide transaction services as a core part of clients' Management & Accounting activity.
We are experts in achieving behavioral change, enabling leading organizations to transform the performance of their people in critical areas of their activity.  
Our Assurance and Business Advisory Services are delivered by experts with dedicated industry expertise.
Deregulation, privatization, emerging markets, and quantum improvements in telecommunications and information technology have radically altered the business landscape creating complex problems that are challenging chief executives. To help you meet these demands, our global Assurance and Business Advisory Services offer you a broad range of innovative and cost-effective solutions:
We provide Assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business.
Through our Risk Management Solutions (Advisory/ Consulting), we help you manage the totality of risks - financial, operational and systems, and strategic - and thereby improve your financial and business performance

Through our Risk Management Solutions (Advisory/Consulting), we help you manage the totality of risks - financial, operational and systems, and strategic - and thereby improve your financial and business performance.

We provide Transaction Services (Advisory/ Consulting) as a core part of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, spin-offs, and strategic alliances.

Our Assurance Services includes audit, accounting and regulatory advice, attestation and attestation-related services, corporate training, public services audit and advisory, and services for middle-sized companies.

Audit - Financial, operational, statutory and regulatory audit, treasury services, and environmental audits.
Accounting and regulatory advice - corporate structures, technical accounting advice supported by Global Corporate Reporting, review of treasury operations, review of finance function outsourcing proposals, compliance with current and new regulations and obtaining new authorizations.
Value Reporting - We innovative approach to performance measurement and corporate reporting designed to meet investors' and other stakeholders' needs for more and better information.
Attest and attest-related services - independent validation or assessment of financial and non-financial data, such as independent opinions on grant forms, readership and circulation statistics, assessment of royalties, and regulatory returns for regulated industries.
Actuarial & Insurance Management Solutions - broad range of actuarial, claims and underwriting services to address life and non-life insurance-related issues.
Corporate training - business training and development services in the areas of finance and accounting, IT systems, risk management, and management development.
Public services audit and advisory - audit, internal audit, and associated services for government, education, and other nonprofit
Growing business and middle market services for middle-sized companies - audit, general business advice, raising finance, due diligence services, initial public offerings, cash management, payroll needs, business relocation services, and shareholder meetings.

Our Advisory and Consulting Services, we help you manage the totality of risks - financial, operational, systems and strategic and thereby improve your financial and business performance. We provide risk management solution and transaction services as a core part of business valuation, assets valuation, system development and implementation, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, spin-offs, restructuring, monitoring, strategic alliances, and other services.


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In Close Prespective: Audit
General Audit
Special Audit
Compliance Audit
Operational Audit
Investigation Audit
Internal Audit
Due Diligence
Information System Audit
Internal Control Reviews
Audits are
critical to your company’s financial health and processes,    so we make it our business to understand your business.
Delivering a World Class Audit
We have developed an audit service through which you benefit from the range and depth of our experience. This means you get the most from us.
Our audit is aligned with your business functions, not just your financial processes.
Businesses need auditors and advisors who understand their international strategy and can reflect this in their audit approach. Using our approach and working alongside our clients, your lead partner provides strong control from the center. We put great emphasis on understanding your strategy and the need to address all risks.
This approach represents, we believe, an important step forward in client service, audit quality and efficiency.
Commitment to High-Quality Service
Our audit is undertaken with precise service commitments in mind. These commitments underpin every aspect of the way we manage your audit, enabling us to utilize our resources in the most efficient way so as to provide you with an exceptional audit service.
Our service is based on eight principles that form the basis of our audit framework. How they benefit you is described below :
* Planning to exceed your expectations by delivering an audit service that provides the    greatest benefits to you.
* Ensuring effectiveness by assessing risk properly and planning the appropriate combination of work, to reach robust audit opinions.
* Maximizing efficiency by delivering our audit on time, to plan, and to budget.

* Managing risk effectively by identifying and mitigating risk to an agreed level.

* Developing our people by giving them the support and opportunities they need to generate value for you.
* Using technology effectively by maximizing teamwork, communication, and efficiency through improved knowledge management and accessibility.
* Communicating continuously by remaining accessible and responsive to you throughout the engagement and pre-empting your needs.
* Evaluating our performance by holding ourselves accountable and constantly identifying areas for improvement.
These principles form the framework for our audit service to you, and each team member is committed to their application throughout our engagement. As the benefit of our services, we frequently able to pinpoint problems or weaknesses or identify potential opportunities for improvement. We present recommendations to help our clients solve any problems or and take opportunities.
By probing deeper and wider, looking beyond the numbers and focusing on key business processes and risks, we are able to provide you with accurate financial and operational advice designed to streamline and improve your business.
We make assessment of your work processes, your internal and external business risk and offer advice on how these will affect your ability to face the business issues that may confront your organization both now and in the future.
Because we came from numbers,
We tend to have a preference for tangible and intangible results

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In Close Perspective: Advisory Services
Management Assessment
Business Valuation
Debt Restructuring
Strategic Business Planning
Information System Development
Monitoring and Controlling
Book Keeping
Accounting System
Accounting Software
Cost Accounting
Budgeting &
Excellence in Advisory / Consulting Services
Excellence in Consulting services is achieved by working with the right people, developing their potential to its fullest and then matching them with the right business processes and tools.
At KAP Pieter, Uways & Rekan and Ecovis  International, we believe that in today’s rapidly changing business environment, new ways to apply knowledge are needed. There is no time for repeating mistakes, relearning lessons or reinventing solutions because speedy implementation of appropriate solutions is critical to your business future.
This is where KAP Pieter, Uways & Rekan and Ecovis International consulting excels. We realize that if you want to get ahead, you need to have the right people beside you. Today’s Indonesian business leaders need advisers who not only understand the requirements within Indonesia but who also understand what is happening on a global basis and across a variety of businesses. Our global reach across 46 countries enables us to do just that, providing solutions based on international experience and blended with local knowledge.
Our Advisory and Consulting Services Philosophy is based on ensuring that people, process and technology are equally considered. It ensures our clients get the value that they deserve, that the results are measurable and they can be used immediately after the first day of implementation. 
Our teams help some of the leading companies solve mission critical problems through designing high value changes that yield significant improvements in terms of revenue growth, operating efficiencies and the management of both intellectual and financial.
Our approach ensures your satisfaction based on your view of value, not ours.

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Accounting Services
Our accounting services can also assist with record - keeping and cash flow projections for those who do not wish to have their own established accounting department. We cater to clients who have general accounting and financial planning needs, from the planning of accounting systems to the processing of receipts and payment. By outsourcing your accounting to us, you have no more concern about the accuracy of your financial book keeping and you are free to concentrate on running your business.
We are also able to combine the resources of our international accounting practices, standards and rules with our local network, practices and standards. The result ? For us, sore eyes from number crunching but the satisfaction of a job well done. For you, a smile on your face and the lowest possible operating cost at your company.
In addition to offer general accounting services, we compile and review financial statement, analyze management system, aid in budget preparation, prepare financial forecast, and assist in long range planning.

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Tax Services
We can perform tax diagnostic reviews to determine potential exposure prior to audit by   relevant authorities, and we can represent you in dealing with the tax auditors in the event of subsequent objections and appeals against resulting assessments. We help to develop a global tax strategy.